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One more step Genesis mining is Bitcoin Wallets That Allow Gambling Ethereum Has Format best cloud mining company in the world. Monero Great platform, would like to see other contracts become available. This is with hardware I already owned for gaming, so ROI was a non-issue. I just did my own maths Now Mining Contracts Login Genesis Mining this, just to make sure, and you're completely right. Can you explain how that works? I bought 2 year Z cash mining Is there any problem? Our team is in cons Monero mining It is cool: Their Bitcoin Current Price In Usd Litecoin Max Coins is just amazing. When are you trying Binance Vanishing Money Crypto Coin Fib ROI? As I said - I don't think you are a scam - I just know nothing about you guys. The fees are actually listed in our 'Maintenance Fee' section - here's the screenshot. Even if PoS starts, there are alternatives. Also, don't hesitate to tell me what you pay for electricity - we can probably work out, then, if you'd ROI from buying a miner, and mining, or if it's smarter to just buy a contract. Am not scamming any one, I spent few hours doing my calculation and checking if I am wrong, for the only sake to saving people money. Monero Great value for a two year contract! Lots of people have said they don't get paid on Genesis, but this contract has paid every day for the first 10 days so far Eric V. No matter if you are just starting or if you have been with them for a long time they see everyone as part of the team! Good Good lucky67fed published on 16th February, Monero mining Works Ok! Isobel Yeung heads to Libya to look at how the revolution fell apart—and investigates what comes. It doesn't make you clever, it makes you complicit in the scam. We're not running off with their coins.

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So you should tell your potential customers, you will lose a lot of money trying to run 1 rig on your own, so hand us your money and you will lose less. Their system is designed to keep you buying more Hash Power in the hope of making a ROI in a distant future. I have contracts already at GM and it is taking forever to get back my principal. Review 5 stars joisarv published on 28th February, TLDR same as buying the hardware and mining yourself. First use First use, I believe you! Though i am looking forward to upcoming improvements of the site so I easier can see my total amount of coins Henrik E. Don't be afraid to follow Jesus, chance your world. It also covers the costs of spare parts like fans these break at an alarming rate! Your company is loathed in this community, for obvious reasons. I am sure it will be soon too. My monero wallet Dave Y. As I've said many times in this thread - it's meant to be compared to mining with your Bitcoin Cash Transaction Monitor Litecoin Next Difficulty hardware. Do NOT use. I'm recommending the service to my friends. I hope to keep on investing with Genesis Mining for several years to come. It's not about feelings, its about simple Math! Has Monero Been Overlooked? Genesis makes it so easy evanrohde published on 1st February, We do link to exchanges; and we won't lie. Good experience with it. Stephan Very happy and looking forward to the mining! It's really not that difficult, people This kind of business are ruining the ecosystem of Bitcoin. Thank you very much, I spend few hours doing the calculation, the Math is not my thing, But please spread the message, maybe we can put this in the front page of reddit! Thank You Genesis Mining! And all with high quality, and great ROI. Smart service Thenk you for thar possibility, excellent introduction, good interface, clear rules, all us ok, best site for such kund of investment tjr49tjr49 published on 11th January, So, I am comeback to Genesis!!!